Sunday, October 30, 2005

Tensions brewing over "Taal".

Multiple student protests could be seen on south african university campuses during the past few weeks. The cause of these protests are the result of the ANC government's ridiculous policy of anglicization, which have led to several Afrikaans universities undemocratically being forced to convert to English-medium. Some of the universities that are being forced to convert is TUKS (Pretoria), KOVSIES (Bloemfontein) and Stellenbosch.

The ANC and it's pet newspaper firm, NASPERS, claims that this is being done to promote "multilingualism", to provide for a "broader array of cultures, languages and races" and because "handbooks are only in available in English". All of these arguments, however, is nothing but ill-conceived excuses for a campaign of blatant discrimination against the already marginilised Afrikaners. For the ANC, this is one of the final steps in a campaign designed to annihilate the Afrikaners.

According to a 2001 census, Afrikaans is the third-most spoken language in South Africa, whereas English only slurs in at sixth place. Other languages, such as Sotho and Zulu, do not currently have the ability to be used as academic languages. This leaves Afrikaans and English as the only two academic languages. Afrikaans is also widely spoken and understood by groups other than the Afrikaners: most of the indigenous blacks are able to speak and understand Afrikaans better than English. If the ANC's real intentions were to "provide for a broader array of cultures", then surely they would have been promoting Afrikaans as language of instruction as opposed to their current course of action.

Furthermore, it is a well documented fact that mother-tongue education is much more effective than that of a second language. This was also evident in the years preceding the 1994 elections: Afrikaans universities were highly acclaimed research institutions and delivered some of the world's finest professionals, whether handbooks were in English or not.

Thus, it is clear that the mentioned ANC-excuses are invalid and do not bear any truth.

The ANC and their lapdogs are not interested in "multilingualism", but rather in "monolingualism" or anglicization. This is done with the purely political motive of marginalising the already oppressed Afrikaners and to weaken their collective intellectual capital. The English-Only movement serves to justify racist and anti-Afrikaner biases under the cover of "transformation". (PASMA, a black student movement affiliated with the ANC and the SACP, recently threatened to "kill all whites" and "clash with Afrikaner students". They also chanted slogans such as "One language of instruction - English" during an illegal riot on the TUKS campus.)

Rightfully, the Afrikaners have finally liberated and are now fighting the imperialist ANC (for whom these universities is just another beacon of Afrikanerdom to be conquered), by taking to the streets in protest against the ANC's oppressive regime. Even Afrikaners who used to be ardent ANC-supporters, such as Breyten Breytenbach and Max du Preez, have now turned their backs on the ANC, signing a petition against the anglicization of these universities. It is becoming evident that Afrikaners are losing patience with the ANC... that tensions are cooking close to boiling point.

*"Taal" is the Afrikaans word for "language". Afrikaners passionately refer to the "taalstryd" or the "language struggle".

Friday, October 14, 2005

The slaughter continues...

1800 South African farmers killed by blacks since 1994.
Soon, it will be 2000
… If nothing is done.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

No cut-off is likely for undisguised racial discrimination

The new Broad-Based Economic Empowerment Act sets up a Black Economic Empowerment Advisory Council funded by the DTI and chaired by President Mbeki, to advise government and assess progress with transformation charters and other measures. The Act moves away from 'historically disadvantaged' to 'black', defined as African, Coloured and Indian. This excludes White women and could lead to exclusion of other categories in future. Free Market Foundation's Leon Louw says the current deluge of new controls and stifling regulations completely smothers any prospect of broad-based economic empowerment. The Freedom Front Plus wants government to announce a cut-off for the undisguised racial discrimination of affirmative action. Labour department's Snuki Zikalala responds that the process will only be reviewed once government is satisfied that all racial imbalances have been addressed and SA is fully transformed. (Cit 7.1, BT 11.1)