Monday, July 25, 2005

"So Bob, how much should we give you?"

According to the BBC, Mugabe is now seeking financial aid from none other than communist China and South Africa. One can not help but ask why these two countries would pay to see Mugabe stay in power.

The ANC government of South Africa seems all too eager to assist Mugabe by financing his reign of terror. After all, they share a common ideology, namely ridding Africa of "white settlers". The ANC government of SA argues that it is in South Africa's financial interest to ensure that "Zimbabwe succeeds". But truthfully, this is by far one of the ANC's worst fallacies to date. Robert Mugabe's reign in Zimbabwe has been nothing but bad news for both the Zimbabwean and South African economies. Mbeki's silence on issues such as the Zimbabwean landgrabs and the recent demolition of more than 200 000 homesteads and shacks have had a very negative impact on foreign investment in South Africa.

China on the other hand, has a much more monetary motive: if Mugabe loses power over Zimbabwe, they lose control over Zimbabwe's mineral wealth (See: "Who funds Africa's opressors").

Both China and South Africa have clearly undermined the rest of the world's sanctions against the tyrant, Robert Mugabe. It is clear what the rest of the world needs to do: firstly, take more aggressive action against Mugabe, or bear whatever tragedy that takes place next in Zimbabwe, on their conscience. Secondly, realize that Mbeki's ANC are a bunch of communist tricksters who only pretend to care about human rights when it suits them (As mentioned, they clearly don't care about human rights, which is evident by their undermining of sanctions against the Mugabe regime).

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