Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Afrikaner innovation vs. crime

Since the ANC's rise to power in 1994, crime has become one of South Africa's most lucrative industries. Rapists, murderers, drug - and hijacking syndicates are experiencing what can be best described as their heyday. According to the CIA World Factbook, South Africa has become a "transshipment center for heroin, hashish, marijuana, and cocaine; cocaine consumption on the rise; world's largest market for illicit methaqualone, usually imported illegally from India through various east African countries; illicit cultivation of marijuana; attractive venue for money launderers given the increasing level of organized criminal and narcotics activity in the region".

The Afrikaners (which includes some English-speaking Afrikaners), are now forced to protect themselves due to a poor (and often hostile) police service. They often find creative and innovative ways to combat crime.

One such example is that of the special automobile flamethrower, which is used to barbeque budding hijackers to a crisp. Yes, South Africa is notorious for it's unusually high highjacking statistics (about 15000 hijackings yearly - bearing in mind that South Africa is about twice the size of Texas).

Another problem in South Africa is that of rape. Just 'Google' the term "rape capital", and see the results for yourself. An Afrikaner woman, Sonette Ehlers, got fed up and decided to invent a tampon that "bites" an attacker's penis. Yes, the tampon makes use of microscopic sized hooks that attaches itself to the attacker's member. Apparently an attacker would not be able to remove the device by himself - the device can only be removed surgically, and under sedation.

It is a disturbing thought that people have to resort to such extreme measures to protect themselves. For Afrikaners, living in the terror-stricken crime capital of the world have become part of their daily lives. But, as many Afrikaners are often heard saying: "What else can one expect of a country that is ruled by terrorists?"