Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Robbers are winning

Organised gangs of robbers had a lucrative time the past months with their cash in-transit robberies and the robbing of shopping complexes. During November eighteen malls were robbed while ten in-transit robberies took place. These were only the reported robberies. The robberies were so well planned that the question again arises if the defence force is not involved. The fact that R4 rifles were used in some of the attacks increases the possibility of armed forces being involved. Political parties said outright that members of the previous armed forces of the ANC and APLA are involved.

Meanwhile the police said it is not their task to protect malls and money-carrying vehicles in transit. The official opposition suggested that the police force re-employ previous expert police officers. The party's spokesperson, John Moodey, said only experienced officers can control the upsurge in robberies. Many experienced white officers were dismissed or left the service out of frustration. The new generation of police officers are not experienced enough and their training is questionable. Apparently the police force still rids itself of experienced whites. The Appeals Court even criticised the police commissioner for upgrading a post and then getting rid of the person who holds the post. Today we reap the bitter fruits of this discrimination. Management is poor and the police force cannot control the upsurge in crime. The infrastructure is crumbling and many officers are not crime-orientated. They attach more value to the painting of Old Republican Flags in the Northern province than persecuting murder gangs.