Thursday, January 05, 2006

The legacy of Nelson Mandela

"I don’t differentiate between terrorism and war. I can’t see the difference between a stealth bomber and a suicide bomber. Both are prepared to take innocent lives for political purposes, and historically the way you deal with threats of violence is to get to the root of it. You can take many examples — for instance, Nelson Mandela in South Africa. Mrs Thatcher called him a terrorist, and indeed he was. I spoke in Trafalgar Square in 1964 at the time of the Rivonia trial, when he was imprisoned for violent campaigns against the apartheid regime. The next time I met him he had a Nobel Peace Prize and was President of South Africa." - Tony Ben

It is ironic that someone who is directly responsible for the deaths of several innocent civilians, someone who committed several acts of terrorism (and never denounced violence), who wrote a book on "How to be a good communist" and who are friends with several communist dictators (like Fidel Castro and Robert Mugabe) who are responsible for several human rights offences, should also happen to be the proud owner of the Nobel Peace Prize.

Here is why Disaster Africa does not share the world-media's petrarchan love of this self-proclaimed communist and terrorist:

'Madiba magic' pre-1994 (Rivonia and Churchstreet bombings):

'Madiba magic' post-1994 (Farm murders):