Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Turning the financial screw on the Afrikaner

Johan van Vlaams, MajorityRights.com, Original article

I have just read an article about SA Nedbank’s new discount share scheme that only targets black South Africans.

Black South African citizens are defined by the SA Financial Sector Charter as Africans, Indians and coloureds. This condition is in all Nedbank’s ads for the Eyethu Investment Scheme. Questions about how, in case of doubt, the bank will determine which would-be clients are undesirably white stay unanswered. The question is not theoretical. Many coloureds have a light skin (in Afrikaans). Any that receive a white classification, however, will find that they aren’t even allowed to invest their money in a favourable way. It is racism and reminiscent of the yellow stars in Nazi Germany, with the difference that whites don’t need a star to be recognised in South Africa.

The scheme also reminds us, if we needed reminding, that the ANC’s policies such as Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) and Affirmative Action (AA) are Marxist by nature. The idea is to transfer wealth from white to black rather than generate new wealth to empower black South Africans. Whites who still have a job pay double the taxes of blacks at same the income level. The ANC, meanwhile, demands that 85% of all jobs go to blacks - not as an average for the whole country but even in those regions with a white majority. In many job ads one reads “BEE only”. South African companies argue that it is the South African ANC government that forces them into this. But nothing can diminish their moral complicity in the new racism against whites.

The South African People’s (race) Registration Law, dating from the apartheid era, is officially abolished, of course. But it is in widespread use all the same and applies, for example, to education. The result of such universal discrimination is economically devastating not only for the whites but, since white productivity is strangled, for South Africa as a whole.

Over and above all this economic warfare against the Afrikaner, is a determined culture war. The ANC is intensely anti-Afrikaans, although somewhat hilariously it dares to claim the opposite, even ”wishing the Afrikaners much success” on the recent anniversary (in Afrikaans) of the founding of their own language in 1875. But that’s just typical ANC window-dressing.

Afrikaner Buks van Rensburg has written an interesting essay (in English) about this cultural genocide, and about the Judenräte mentality (called Afrikaner decadence) of much of the Afrikaner intellectuals. There only is one aspect on which I disagree with Mr van Rensburg. Those Afrikaners who have decided to fully Anglicise have in fact already made their choice - they are just waiting for the right moment to join the white emigration, and to leave South Africa for ever.

So what, besides simple racial revenge, is the cause of such malignity towards Afrikaners?

The Afrikaners are, in fact, the only possible source of white resistance against the ANC’s economic plundering … and, therefore, the Afrikaners must suffer the complete undermining of their institutions, from primary and secondary schools to universities and businesses. I don’t know if any MR readers will remember the Volkskas, the bank built from the pennies brought to school by impoverished Afrikaner kids in the 1920’s and 30’s. Now it is defunct. Afrikaner farmers must submit themselves to the discriminatory practices of the Land Bank and the other government-related institutions mandated to “assist” farmers. They are assistance towards ruin, of course - and worse - by land reform and invasions apparently driven by the agendas of foreign NGO’s as much by ANC warlords.

So no one should be surprised if the mainstream Afrikaner view is that white apartheid has simply been replaced by black racism. How do you expect people to think when they have been deceived into a world where not merit but only the colour of your skin matters (in Afrikaans).

At worst deception, at best window-dressing is a seminal feature of South African economic and political life. A good deal of it no doubt serves the purpose of self-deception as far as the ANC is concerned. But the really critical component is deceiving the rest of the financial and political world. The Reserve Bank (SARB), for example, silences criticism with wonderfully rosy statements about macro-economic stability and strong growth. However, you might find this article by Mandla Maleka more trustworthy. Mandla was, by the way, named by Reuters among the top ten SA economists in 2002 and 2004, and was director at the SA National Treasury etc, etc.

They can’t both be right. Oh yes, South Africa is reported to have been upgraded by three rating agencies on the back of strong growth and a disciplined approach to economic thinking. But it is growth based on greed, and the discipline is a phantom. Whites are squeezed on every front and blacks just can’t be got to save - despite the highest real interest yields in the world.

The light will finally go out in South Africa the day the world community realises this … if it is not also bent on self-deception. For example, you can read an expert analysis of South Africa’s Jekyll and Hyde economy here. But … why does Reuters contrive to overlook black racism when it is so manifestly the key to understanding what’s going on?