Thursday, March 09, 2006

And the Oscar goes to...

Zuma trial: More sordid details
09/03/2006 11:59 - (SA)

Johannesburg - An ANC court docked six months pay off two men who had sex with Jacob Zuma's rape accuser - not because the court found she had been raped, but because she was a child.

The Johannesburg High Court heard on Thursday that one of the men to this day denies he had sex with her when she was in her early teens and feels he was dealt "rough justice".

These details emerged from a draft of an autobiography that the defence handed in as evidence, to the shock of the woman, at the start of the trial.

The woman insists that they had sex with her without her consent but the court heard that the ANC court, conducted in exile, said that she had agreed to sex.

Both men were members of the exile community at the time and were in their 20s and 30s.

One of the men, who'd been living in her parent's house, said her mother had "given her to him", by allowing her to walk around the house improperly dressed.

'Even if I was a prostitute he wouldn't have the right'

The woman also said that the man's girlfriend had beaten her and that he hadn't intervened. At one stage he stood at the door and said "that's enough".

The woman, who alleges Zuma raped her on November 2 last year, said her mother was devastated to hear that the man (living in her house) had had sex with her and would never have allowed it.

"I very clearly remember my mother saying he has no right to do it and that even if I was a prostitute he would not have the right."

The ANC court was established after the women close to her got to hear that the man had forced himself on her.

When 16 pages of the autobiography were produced on Thursday, the court fell dead silent, with only the turning of pages in reporter's notebooks audible.

The few people present for the in camera hearing leant forward to catch every word.

The case continues.

Source: News24

*How did Zuma's defence get a hold of this 'evidence'? Surely it didn't just appear out of the blue!

What is that other word for 'autobiography' again? Oh! Right! 'Diary'. Regardless of whether this is the case, one feels that Zuma should get a standing ovation at the next Oscar's for his current production, entitled "Trial by Media". Wait a minute... that's the tag to his other trial... the corrupt armsdeal scandal!