Friday, May 27, 2005

Letter from Censorbugbear

We were contacted by the well-known journalist Adriana Stuijt, and asked to place this letter. After verifying it's contents, we decided to place it here. Feel free to copy and distibute this letter:

Why does the US support the racial purity laws of Mbeki's South Africa?

Open letter to US lawmakers

I am addressing this letter to you in the hope that you will alert your voters/supporters to the desperate situation in which the Afrikaner (white) minority of 3-million is finding itself in under the black-ruled ANC-regime in South Africa. Yet the US government is still denying many of these desperately trapped people political asylum or indeed, even the right to legal immigration for reasons we cannot even begin to understand. Perhaps you could shed some light on why the US would so consistently want to deny access into the US to so many well-educated, hard-working Christian people like the Afrikaners?

(for details on these asylum-seekers see and click on "USA/VSA" . It's a bilingual English/Afrikaans website.

ANC has racial-purity laws against Afrikaners - just like the Nazis did against the Jews:
Our organisation has extensive evidence - which was even presented to Amnesty International -- that the Afrikaner nation is deliberately being ethnically-cleansed in South Africa under the (Nazi-style Neurenberg- "racial purity") laws of President Thabo Mbeki and his ruling black African National Congress party, which is run primarily by one tribe, namely Mbeki's Xhosa tribe.

* Mbeki's own tribal members are indeed the primary beneficiaries of Mbeki's policies - and are referred to as the wealthy Xhosa-elite by the SA news media -- and this fact also means that the African National Congress is a Nationalist-Socialist party, i.e. Nazi for short. Aren't Nazis outlawed in most countries? So why is your government still supporting with this Nazi party of South Africa - and indeed why is President Bush is all set to receive this vile Nazi dictator in the White House?
* The ANC's own racial purity laws - so very similar to those of the Nazis -- are called the "Black Economic Empowerment" laws - and these laws, exactly as did the Neurenberg laws to the Jews under the Nazis, also are effectively barring the vast majority of Afrikaners except a token few, from public life.
* It does not matter how well-educated or experienced these Afrikaners are in their jobs - and indeed they form the best-educated group in South Africa -- but only because of their ethnic origin, the Afrikaners now are continuously being fired and being denied access to any public- and private-sector jobs because of the "BEE-laws" - some companies even have signs up saying "Afrikaner males need not apply" -- and all because they have the wrong skin colour and speak Afrikaans at home.

The socalled 'coloured" 5-million Afrikaans-speakers are also beginning to suffer the same fate in the Western Cape province, where the Xhosa-elite is taking over all the public- and private sector jobs and firing Afrikaans-speakers under the BEE-laws - in spite of the fact that the 'coloured' Afrikaners, classified as a "previously-disadvantaged" racial group, often also supported and voted for the ANC in the past.

Clearly the ANC-regime hates all things Afrikaans, because they are also removing more than 80,000 Afrikaans names from the South African landscape, including unilaterally changing the name of the capitol city, Pretoria. It was built and founded by Afrikaners when they still had their own independent Boer Republics ( up to 1902) and therefore the name is hated by the regime.

All the Afrikaans-language schools, churches, universities and even libraries are being forced to anglicise, their language is being trampled upon in the courts where Afrikaners are often denied due process of law by being forced to conduct/participate in trials in a foreign language under the pretence that no "qualified translators" are still available.

Laws are being made against the use of Afrikaans and public presence of Afrikaners everywhere =- Afrikaner families are also being attacked and murdered increasingly in the cities for no discernable reason other than violence -- and the very land the Afrikaners' forefathers have farmed and indeed greatly improved for so many generations since 1656, is now being stolen away from them under the ANC's so-called land-reform programme - and also by the organised squatter armies the ANC supports, and which are invading farms everywhere and destroying any possibility of agricultural production by their 'slash and burn' so-called farming methods.

* Our organisation has also submitted extensive reports to your US congressman Mr Frank Wolf, who co-chairs the Congressional Human Rights Commission. He had approached us for informationabout the security situation for Afrikaners in the rural Free State.

Black South Africans don't want to farm

* Recent authoritative studies have found that most black South Africans don't even want to farm - what they really want is urban housing and urban jobs - yet the ANC regime continues with its ill-fated "land reform campaign" (for details on how the fraudulent ANC-regime is looting South Africa's once so productive farms, access ).
* The ANC regime also has withdrawn all protection from the countryside and has made gun-laws to disarm its law-abiding citizens -- thus Afrikaner farmers are not able to protect themselves from marauding gangs with AK-47s and are often being murdered in the most cruel fashion - often tortured for many hours before they are executed, often forced to watch the rape of their female relatives, however young or old they may be. The ANC regime claims these are "ordinary robberies", although from the police videos in our possession, it can be seen that many valuables are left behind on the scenes of these terrible crimes. "A Bloody Harvest", the 2003 documentary about the South African farm murders, broadcast in South Africa only once, can be accessed online to see all the horrid details.Click on:

Dr Gregory Stanton of Genocide Watch in the US already warned from 2002 that the Afrikaner Boers (Boer=farmer in Dutch) were being greatly endangered by an approaching genocide and which the ANC-regime was doing nothing to prevent, on the contrary, they were allowing the atmosphere is hate and were themselves actively engaged in hate-speech targetting the Afrikaner minority which contributed to this atmosphere of hate in which these attacks against Afrikaners in the cities and the countryside are taking place. Read his entire report on

The current death rate among Afrikaner farmers from all the many thousands of farm attacks has now risen to more than 1780, (onethousand-sevenhundred-and-eighty) and more than 20,000 people have been raped and maimed during those attacks. More than 20,000 farms have already been attacked by organised black militia groups, armed with AK-47s in South Africa since "apartheid has ended".

* These are large groups of men who drive past countless other, much more lucrative targets, often for hundreds of miles, just to carry out one attack against one specific farm - and often they don't even steal anything except the farmer''s cellphone or car, to stop him from escaping or calling for help.
* These militias are carrying out a campaign of the most incredible terror against South African farmers - yet the world, which is in a constant state of uproar about 20 murdered English-speaking white farmers in Zimbabwe, remains totally silent about this much worse death toll on South African farms. Why is that?

Our organisation, the registered non-profit Foundation for Afrikaner Asylum-seekers International, (telephone The Netherlands coutnry 31 519 561 731 ) was founded to help the Afrikaner survivors from what is rapidly becoming an all-out ethnic cleansing campaign targetting them. We classify all Afrikaners as "asylum-seekers" since they do not have a government to protect them, on the contrary, their government is their biggest enemy...

All Afrikaners are now asylum-seekers:
We help the many destitute Afrikaners - people who only a decade earlier, all held down jobs and were employers of black families -- and who now are begging in the streets of South Africa and are trying to eke out a living with subsistence farming and arts and crafts sales from church-run internal refugee camps inside the country; and we also try and help those Afrikaner families who have already managed to flee abroad from this incredible violence targetting their ethnic group.

One such family, the Botha family, was recently in the news in Berryville, Virginia - where their local pastor and the entire congregation is 100% behind them.

They can be reached for a radio interview via their pastor Rev. William K Dawson of the Duncan memorial United Methodist Church in Berryville, Virginia telephone 540 - 955-1264 - Their story follows below:

Botha Family seeks asylum in USA - Winchester Star

* Family Worries of Dangers Returning To South Africa - By Linda McCarty - The Winchester Star (Virginia USA)
* Senator Wolf of Virginia - co-chairman of the Congressional Human Rights Commission -- 'will continue trying to help them..."
Monday, May 23, 2005 - Read entire story on:

BERRYVILLE — (Virginia, USA) Eight members at Berryville’s Duncan Memorial United Methodist Church sat quietly in a semi-circle in the chapel and listened to Josef and Amanda Botha’s frightening story.

Though they were very familiar with the Bothas’ plight and had heard the story many times, signs of fear and worry masked their faces and many of their hands were tightly clasped in their laps.

The Bothas and their three daughters — Jacqui, 15, Zandri, 11, and Jomandi, 5 — are seeking asylum in the United States from South Africa.

Fearing that Amanda and their daughters would be raped and Josef would be murdered, the family got a six-month visa, sold all their belongings, and fled their country in June 2001 to live and work on farms near Salina, Kan.

“There is an AIDS epidemic in South Africa, and it is a traditional belief that sex with a virgin can cure AIDS, more so the younger the virgin, the stronger the cure,” Josef said in an emotionally filled voice.

That belief, Josef said, has “lead to the rape of even babies of only two or three months old.

Oldest daughter threatened with rape:
Prior to leaving the country, the Bothas’ oldest daughter was threatened with rape. “She was 11 at the time,” Josef said. “It was getting close to our family.”

* To protect his family before they left, Josef installed barred doors into their bedroom area.
* “Our girls couldn’t play outside, go to the swimming pool, or ride their bikes. They were prisoners in their own home,” Amanda said. “It still amazes me to see children playing outside here.”

Ethnic cleansing of the Afrikaner nation:
“There never was a time to go outside,” Jacqui said, “because we’d heard of so many people dying, especially the kids. I didn’t want to be one of them.” Josef said his life was in danger as well, because of “ethnic cleansing to rid the country of the Afrikaner nation.”

Afrikaners are any South African - Dutch or Huguenot descent. The Afrikaners were originally called Boers (farmers).
Josef, an Afrikaner, said the killings have become so common that he and his family were afraid of being “attacked, mutilated, and set afire.” Josef, who was manager of a 6,000-acre farm in South Africa, said the farm work in Kansas didn’t work out.

A month after arriving there, the family used $150 of the $400 they had brought with them to the United States and bought a car to drive to Maryland, where they’d been promised jobs. “We were waiting for our working papers, but they never came,” Josef said. In September 2001, Josef contacted an acquaintance in Chantilly, and the family traveled there.

“We found a place in Berryville to rent, and that’s how we got here,” said Josef, who at that time had a painting job from 5 a.m. to 8 p.m. in Chantilly.

* “Josef showed up for early Sunday morning worship in our chapel,” said the Rev. William K. Dawson. “The main thing he wanted to do was go to church, and I invited him and his family back for our 11 o’clock service, and they came.”
* The Botha family, who joined the church and are active members, lived in a house in Berryville for about a month and then rented an apartment.
* “The church had a housewares party for us and gave us everything,” Amanda said. “It was wonderful.”

“God provided for us,” Josef added. “If God hadn’t provided for us, we wouldn’t have met so many wonderful people.”
While the family was settling in Berryville, they also sought an extension to their visa.

“We hired a person to help with that, and we thought he’d taken care of it,” Josef said, “but all he did was take our money, $5,500, and disappear.” Josef borrowed the money from a friend at church and paid it back.

* Shortly after discovering work on the extension hadn’t been done, the family applied for asylum.
* “That’s what we should have done when we arrive in this country,” Josef said, “but we thought that was just for political figures.”

The Bothas filed an application for asylum in February 2002 with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service, but were denied and referred to the U.S. Immigration Court. “They also denied us,” Josef said.

They next filed a petition to the Immigration Appeals Court. They received word in April 2003 that the appeal had been denied.
“The judge said there was lack of evidence of fear of persecution,” Josef said. “We didn’t have any expert people to give testimony on our part.”

The family then filed an appeal with the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in July 2004, and the following October, Rep. Frank Wolf, R-10th, sent a letter in behalf of the the Bothas to United States Citizenship and Immigration Services.
In March, however, the family received notice that the second appeal also had been denied.

“They gave us no reason, just that they had affirmed the last decision. Now, our only option is to get a private bill passed in the United States Congress,” Josef said.

“Congressman Wolf, however, doesn’t feel there is enough evidence to support a private bill,” Dawson said, “but I feel there is, and there are a lot of people who feel there is. The statistics of rape and murder on the Internet even supports us.”

Wolf’s spokesperson, Dan Scanding, said last week that he spoke to Wolf about the Botha family, and Wolf said he was going to continue trying to help them.

The Bothas and their friends also are seeking assistance from U.S. Sen. George Allen, R-Va.; State Sen. H. Russell Potts Jr., R-Winchester; and Sen. John Warner, R-Va. “We’ve sent letters to them asking them to help us with a bill in Congress,” Dawson said.

Opened up their own landscaping/farming business:
Although Josef, who with is family are currently listed as legal, registered aliens, is very worried about deportation, he refuses to give up and has opened his own business doing farm work, landscaping, and construction.
“I have my own bulldozer,” he said.

* Amanda, a certified nurses assistant, is a private-duty nurse.
* The children attend Clarke County schools. “They all have above average grades, and Jacqui and Zandri are both doing excellent in softball,” Josef said.

"Big injustice: " - chairman of the church:
Glen Hetzel, chairman of the church’s administrative council, said he hopes the United States will help the Botha family.
“I feel like it’s a big injustice the way the system has treated them,” Hetzel said.

* “I can’t sleep at night with the thought of them being deported,” Dawson said.
* Just as in the past, Josef believes “God will provide for us and take care of us.”
* “These are children given to us by God to raise and care for,” he continued.
* “So we are pleading for our children’s sake for help and the prevention of being deported to South Africa.”

from: Adriana Stuijt, secretary, Foundation for Afrikaner Asylumseekers International,, telephone Netherlands country 31 519 561 731