Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Pretoria namechange... to protest or not?

Jan Lamprecht wrote an article on the namechange of Pretoria, arguing that Afrikaners (a white, indigiounous minority) should support the namechange. Disaster Africa replied to the article on an online forum.

Here follows Jan's article"
White Afrikaners Should Support Changing Pretoria's Name to Tshwane
Jan Lamprecht - 5/26/2005
The union buildings: PretoriaThe government of South African recently decided that the name of the country's capital has to be Africanized and the city will now be called Tshwane. The renaming of towns and cities in South Africa was inevitable. In fact, renaming streets, suburbs, towns, cities and provinces is a Black pastime if you will. We whites have always looked at it cynically saying: "They can change the names, but they can't run the country." But then again, I think, proudly, that it is best the do change the names, because that will distinguish their failures from our successes. For example, Rhodesians can proudly talk about greatness of Rhodesia - and T-shirts with the old Rhodesian slogan "Rhodesia is Super" can still be bought on the Internet. And I think it is great keeping the name Rhodesia associated with success, progress, etc. On the other hand, the name Zimbabwe, reeks of failure... crass failure, incompetence, bureaucracy, etc. Similarly, while losing the name Pretoria is sad, at least you can remember that Pretoria referred to a really lovely city, with a proud history, whereas Tshwane will be an ANC creation, reeking of corruption, crime and failure.

It is even more appropriate that Tshwane is based on an ANC's anti-Zulu version of invented history. In fact, everything the ANC ever did was based on a twisted version of history/life which bore little resemblance to actual facts. So therefore it is most appropriate that even the capital city of South Africa should be named after a figment of their imagination.

I wait for the day when they remove the statue of Paul Kruger from the centre of Pretoria to replace it with an invented image of a Black man whom nobody has any idea how he looked or whether in fact he even existed.

I would also like to give Afrikaners solace by saying that when they changed the name of the capital of Zimbabwe from Salisbury to Harare, Rhodesians absolutely hated it, but now Harare is a city of failure from which evil emanates and most of us are now glad not to be associated with it.

Name changes also happen to be quite ridiculous. As the ANC is having fun, the country is quietly running into the ground - which will be their real legacy. These name changes, as with most things they do, cost amazing amounts of money and serve absolutely no purpose except to confuse. And yes, there is no doubt, that they are deliberately setting about getting rid of the Afrikaner names before getting rid of Afrikaners themselves.

Afrikaners must just keep ourselves alive, work together, stick together and bide for time. As surely as night follows day, ANC is weakening their own country, and if we were to adopt the view of the Chinese military theorist Tsun Tzu, we should actually be out there deliberately encouraging them to change all place names as soon as possible and help them to completely mismanage the public funds because it will help to weaken them even more.

Virtually all Afrikaners are too honest to even consider such a course of action, but in reality, if we really want to bring an end to the ANC rule, we should be standing by their side, encouraging their fantasies, boosting their false egos, and picking up a shovel and helping them to dig their own graves even faster.

We should be giving up farms more willingly and willingly speeding up "transformation" and Black empowerment - because it will then bring this country Pretoria, another view.faster to the stage where Zimbabwe is. The sooner, the better - and maybe, if it's done well enough, the day will come, where we can see the last of the ANC. The ANC will not rule this country forever - even though they aspire to. Whether they will even last the 48 years which the National Party did, remains to be seen. People may think the ANC is invincible, but that is just another illusion. Jan Lamprecht was born and raised in Zimbabwe, then called Rhodesia, during the "Bush War", which resulted in Robert Mugabe coming to power. He was educated in Harare, the capital of the country, before leaving for South Africa, where he spent some time in the Navy. He wrote a book called "Government by Deception" about African politics related to Zimbabwe and the effects Mugabe's policies may have on other countries.

He publishes a popular, highly "politically-incorrect" web site"

Here follows our reply:

"Jan Lamprecht's article, "White Afrikaners Should Support Changing Pretoria's Name to Tshwane", makes a worthwhile impression, but unfortunately we must disagree.

He uses the example of Rhodesia vs. Zimbabwe throughout the whole argument, arguing that Zimbabwe reaks of failure. This is true to some extent, but failure is in the eye of the beholder. To Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe is successful. He achieved one of his life goals, didn't he? He got rid of all the whites in the country! And at what a price to the whites!

Not to sound judgemental of the Zimbabwean farmers, but their lack of resistance was their downfall. If they stood up against Mugabe, England would have surely sent troops to protect her citizens. The situation for the whites, and the 6 million starving people inside Zimbabwe would certainly have looked better.

It goes to show: your enemy's failure is not necesarily your success!

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